Design Ideas to Increase Conversion Rates

A lot of online opportunities claim that you need a simple webpage or capture page to build up your downline. The opportunity may provide you with catchy videos and web banners that should excite the visitor. But not everyone wants to join an opportunity if the website looks average which is why conversion rates can be dry even if you spend a lot of time marketing. But if you take the design of your site or capture page a bit more seriously, you can potentially increase conversion rates. Here are some design ideas that can help with your conversion rates.

Simplifying the Site Structure

Customers want a hassle-free way to jump into an opportunity. Therefore, you should use as few pages as possible to quickly convert that lead to a sale. While more pages allow better tracking on how leads browse your site, you will have fewer conversions as a result since some visitors might be overwhelmed with the information. Just keep the essential pages which normally include a sales page, payment processing page and confirmation page. You should also connect the pages in a linear fashion rather than implementing a navigation bar. A wizard-style interface is most ideal so your visitors have only one link to click on. If the visitor needs to go back a page, he or she can click the “Back” button on the web browser anyway.

Beautifying the Most Important Site Elements

Having a minimal site layout is good so your visitors won’t feel so distracted. It is important that they read and understand the opportunity or product before proceeding. But some sites really need a lot of text to explain these things and that can make the site look unattractive. But if you beautify the most important elements, you can still increase conversion rates.

Simple adjustments to some site elements like the headers can make all the difference. Try different font styles and header sizes so you can find that sweet spot that makes your page look attractive without overhyping things. Do the same with the links as well because they need to be attractive enough for people to click on. Even simple changes like adding drop shadows or borders can make simple designs stand out more.

Making these minor changes may cause the background color and text formatting to look out of the place. If these elements look a bit off, try changing the colors and keep testing to see if the all the content is readable while the calls to action pop out. If you are having difficulty in color selection, try to use a color scheme generator so you can restrict your design to a few colors that all match the theme of your site.

As long as you keep up with your marketing, you should be able to increase conversion rates. But you should use a service like Google Analytics to track your progress just to see how much of an improvement your design changes are. Tracking your progress will help you decide which areas of your site need more work so you can increase your conversion rates even further.

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