Local Business SEO Tips

Local business SEO is also very important when your business is targeting a more geographically-based market. This is because your clients are given the convenience of checking out your offers right on their screens, making it easier for them to find you.

Going for the local market is a definitely great way to establish your business online. With that said, below are some of the best local business SEO tips that you can apply on your own site so that you can increase traffic coming from your target customers.

  • Add your location in metatags. Metatags are still used by Google for indexing. Because of this, it’s a must that you add your location in meta descriptions so that they can be spotted by Google and place your site at the appropriate local listings.
  • Use your location as part of your main keywords. Being location-specific with your content via keywords also help in increasing your page rankings. You get to narrow down search results and be exposed to markets that are searching for local establishments more than general information.
  • Submit to local search engine directories. It is important that you are found on Google Places or Yahoo Local, as they further index your site at location-specific searches.
  • Run ad campaigns that cater to local markets. You may want to give away promos, freebies or discounts online so that your local target customers will be entice to get your offers. They will also help spread your promos to their friends through sharing your stories to them.
  • Get into local directories. There are also local site directories which people could turn to when looking for certain companies online. This is quite an opportunity for you, as being part of these local listings make you a reputable business to check out.
  • Be found in local search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own local sites, and you have to be present in them as well. In addition, if there are other local search engines that focus on your region, you may want your site to be indexed by them too.
  • Use backlinks with your location in the anchor text. This tip can be quite tricky, as the keywords you will use may tend to be grammatically awkward. However, there are ways in which you can insert location on your anchor text, and these help in boosting your local SEO rankings.
  • Ask for user reviews. User reviews will come mostly from customers you’ve done business with. Try to solicit reviews from those who are located in the city or country of your target market, so that local visitors would find your site and business more credible to check out.
  • Mention your location in your content. With your location inserted strategically in your articles and other forms of content, your readers would know where to find you right away.
  • Be present in social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and now Google Plus offer better local visibility. You get to engage with your fans on a real time basis too.
  • Check your local keywords from time to time. Lastly, it is best that you check your keywords occasionally, so that you are kept aware if people still use these keywords in their own search queries.

Local business SEO can definitely change the way your business operates. You not only get a solid clientele by going local; you also get to nurture good business relationships with your customers in the long run.

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