Secrets of Successful Fitness Websites

The most successful fitness websites offer more than just a little search engine optimization. They also have the ability to get their readers excited about transforming their body and changing their lives. If your fitness website isn’t helping a ton of potential clients feel pumped up and ready to sign up, it’s time for a redesign. Here are some of the characteristics of highly successful fitness sites:


The most important feature of any website is its ability to engage the reader. Your site should be immediately interesting and offer the kind of energy that makes your readers feel ready to sign up and get going. Within the first few seconds, your visitors should want to know more about the program or products you have to offer. Make sure you provide the feeling that you empathize with your visitors and understand their point of view. It helps if your marketing message is clear and enticing.

Even if you’re good with writing marketing copy, however, without proper fitness web design techniques you may not automatically be able to create this type of engagement. Instead, you’ll have to spend a little time planning and thinking about what your reader should see and feel as soon as he or she visits. Carefully craft what you can add that will turn a casual cold traffic into someone who’s emotionally engaged in what you have to offer and ready to make an action.

Social Proof

The term social proof refers to any part of your site that helps prove your claims to your visitors via what other people have to say. One of the best forms of social proof is video; it’s a highly-believable, engaging format that visitors will really connect with. Try to get recordings of customers and clients who are willing to talk about all the benefits your fitness products or services have to offer. You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make.

Video isn’t always available as social proof, of course. When you can’t get high quality video recordings, you may find that audio, text or pictures work as a secondary form of social proof. Especially before and after body shots are one of the effective ways to build your credibility quickly. Remember, your potential customers are looking for real, verifiable information about your product or service, and the more “alive” your proof is, the more convincing it will be.


The best fitness websites provide more than just flashy graphics and testimonials. They should have a strong call-to-action embedded throughout the site. As people’s attention span today are getting shorter and shorter, they also give solid information that’s easy and fast for readers to find. Whether you include this as an FAQ directly on your site or use an auto-responder or email newsletter to disseminate it, you must make clear, readable information available. Sites made up primarily of hype and advertising language put viewers off, since they don’t provide solid data about the service or product. Make sure you ask yourself what your visitors might want to know, then make it easy for them to get that information.

Your fitness website design will perform best if you have it developed by a professional, especially if they are experienced in health and fitness. After all, you wouldn’t put your health in the hands of an inexperienced personal trainer. Don’t put your pages in the hands of a designer who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. The right person can help put your site through a workout to develop what it takes to put it among the top fitness websites.

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