Preferential Webmaster Plans

Standard Plan – Constantly update your site so it stays current.

$97/month - any quick updates under 30 min. Max 4 requests/month.

Premium Plan – Let’s make sure your site continues to perform better than your competitors.

$197/month - any updates under 45 min. Max 6 requests/month.

Platinum – Let us help you as if we are your dedicated, in-house webmaster/consultant. 

$397/month - any design or coding task under 1 hour. Max 10 requests.

All of our webmaster plans do not require a long-term contract and you can cancel anytime (Please give us a 30 day notice). However, minutes do not carry over each month. All plans come with our site analysis and consultation so we are helping you constantly improve your site.


Pay As You Go

1 Hour of Website Service

2 Hours of Website Service

3 Hours to Website Service